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Change starts with your next deep breath

App features


Learn invigorating flows, restorative sessions, and guided meditations for a diverse yoga journey.


Track your sessions and your favorite classes, making your journey as seamless as your flow.


Free meditations, Breath work, and more advanced courses like the 30 day Handstand Course.


Connect with people on their yoga journey from all over the world and join online events together.

Ask Finlay

Got questions about your practice, poses, or injuries? Ask Finlay in our community section.

Full in-depth workshops

Our 2-hour sessions offer clear explanations, demonstrations, and ample time to explore new concepts, ensuring a more profound understanding of the workshop content than ever before.

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“Great videos and instruction for easy to advanced yoga.”

Veronica Elia

Wonderful app! Love the beginner stuff, as I'm just starting out. Finlay is a fabulous teacher.

Deb Mackie

Finlay breaks things down in easy to understand ways and makes it fun and compelling. Can't wait to get into this every day!”

Trish Harrison

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Renowned for his iconic Kilted Yoga sessions in the Scottish wilderness, Finlay extends his impact through a charitable venture in Dundee, tailoring yoga practices for real people. With personal triumphs over injury, back problems, and mobility constraints, he leverages his expertise in anatomy and sports therapy to create transformative class experiences.


As the bestselling author of 'Kilted Yoga' and 'Wild Kilted Yoga,' Finlay passionately bridges the gap, connecting individuals to this ancient practice, reaching those who may never have considered yoga for themselves.

  • Who is the KY app for?
    The app is perfect for all practitioner levels, but if you are new, you’re very welcome. With a lot of beginner classes, a free beginner course, a range of classes from dynamic to restorative, there is something for everyone whether you want something gentle or more invigorating.
  • Can I try the workouts before purchasing?
    There’s a 7 day free trial of all the premium access sessions and workshops but you can also access the free classes and beginner course anytime.
  • What is the average length of workouts?
    Sessions range from 5 minute breathing exercises, to 20, 30, 40, 60, 90 minute classes and 120 minute workshops. You can pick and choose from various lengths of sessions.
  • What equipment will I need?
    Each session explains what equipment is needed but most will use a yoga block (but a rolled up towel would work just as well). Some of the Forrest Classes uses a strap and a rolled up mat, again a towel would work for both. Our restorative classes use a bolster but information is given to do poses without or with a bed pillow.
  • How often are new programs added?
    Every single week. Be sure to check the “latest” tab.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes. As long as you cancel before your next billing cycle, you will not be charged. Once you cancel, you will have access to the app until the end of the current billing cycle. If you're having trouble with canceling your subscription, please reach out to our support team at
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